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Diwali gifting ideas

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Diwali is barely over one month away, and today is the perfect time to start making your gift shopping list. Buying clothes and gadgets for kids is an easy task, but figuring out what to buy for an adult or elderly person can be a little more challenging.

How you decorate your home for Diwali is also a big task.

Yes, you could just go ahead and buy some sort of gift card or purchase online, but whoever you are giving the gift to may think you didn’t put much effort into the gift, or the person you are giving it to may not like the gift. The perfect gift should be more personal—something that you put a little thought into or some kind of memory that will bring him happiness.

So I started searching the net, and I found on the website, a picture-to-canvas or wallpaper web portal where you can upload the family photo or search for the wallpaper on the site. Finally, I found new gift ideas for adults and my home. prices are reasonably priced compared to other companies. A 12″x12″ canvas currently costs only Rs. 699. The canvas sizes range from 12″ x 12″ to 50″ x 50″, though you can customise your canvas size up to 50″. The company also sells vinyl prints,wallpaper,poster prints,3-frame canvas prints, andbanners.

Now you’re probably thinking about what photo I uploaded on the website to print on canvas. Well, the photo I picked is an old family picture that has my grandfather standing in the centre with his siblings around him and all the kids sitting in the front row. Wow, such a lovely photo. After selecting the photo, it was very simple to upload the photo to the website and select the size. I found out prices are low compared to other canvas websites, so I was waiting for a quality check…

The canvas was sent to me super-fast, in only three business days by courier. It was packaged well. The package was wrapped in double bubble wrap with a carton inside.

The print quality was super. I loved it… I will recommend this to my other students.

Overall, I’m more than impressed with the canvas print quality that I received. Like I already said, it was the best photo to begin with, but it looks great on canvas, with a size of 24″ x 36″ sufficient to cover my wall.

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