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Canvas print Vs Photo Prints

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Is it all depends on your personal tastes and preferences, budget, interior design, and location where the photograph will be hung? In short, canvas prints last more than 100 years and are waterproof. Canvas will add depth to the images, making them more lively.

You will find the advantages and disadvantages of photo prints vs. canvas prints below.

Canvas painting printed on canvas

Photo Printing on paper is the traditional way of displaying a photograph, and it certainly has an aesthetic quality that is unique and well-understood. It is also printed with a 4800-resolution printer which produces hi-resolution photos.

In short, if you go for Canvas Prints which has its own test. Canvas will give you depth where Photo print will show you flat structure.

Advantages of Photo Prints

  • Traditional look and appeal
  • Black and white prints excel on fibre-based papers

The disadvantage of Photo Prints:

  • glare and reflections from light
  • perception of being separated from the print (becomes much more apparent when you experience the same photograph as a canvas)
  • Will not give depth to the photo
  • frames need to match the decor of home or office (colour of the frame should match wall colour)

The advantage of Canvas Prints:

  • Do not exhibit any glare or reflections as canvas comes with a matte option
  • and weigh much less than framed prints Canvas w/ Floater Frame Multi-panel Canvas. It is also very easy to fix on the wall
  • and much easier and economical to create extremely large sizes (up to 40″ x 100″) that last more than 100 years.
  • canvas prints provide a frameless presentation which creates a window into the scene
  • creates a painterly effect that is very pleasing while printing the original painting. Brush strokes can be felt on the canvas wall painting.
  • Can be installed in semi-humid environments (bathrooms) as its a waterproof
  • As it fits any wall, a lack of frame blends well into any style of decor in your home or office.
  • can be placed into a wood floater frames for a finished look
  • creative multi-panel options are available to split the single panoramic photo into multiple frames.

Canvas Prints disadvantage:

  • Canvas texture can be distracting at times (required on a high-resolution photo to print because it prints with high details on the canvas).
  • the photograph cannot be changed

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