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Canvas Printing Instructions at

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There are printers available that print on waterproof canvas using pigment-based inks. This uses inkjet printer technology, also known as Giclee printing. Printers come with 10-ink cartridges, which produce more vibrant colours compared to 4-ink cartridges.

This printer produces good colour calibration using 8 inks so that it matches the original photographs. Customers can choose from a variety of options, like roll canvasstretched canvas, or framed canvas. After printing, canvas prints do not require any type of coating, as the inks are waterproof. You can wash the canvas with water as it catches dust after a certain period. These stretched canvas prints can be hung on the wall with just one screw. The customer can also order roll canvas; in this case, he can frame it at his location.

How to place an order

Visit the website, then go to the Canvas Prints section, or click here.

  • The “Please upload your image” button on the home screen
  • Select the photograph by choosing the upload button.
  • After uploading is finished, choose the size and type of the frame option on the right side.
  • Please choose an image size in which the white portion outside the image remains smaller. The image is adjusted according to the aspect ratio, so customers may see some white outside the image area. In the final output, the customer will not see the white portion outside the image. The white portion outside the image is just for indication.
  • In the above image viewer, we tried to show the exact canvas print image with height and width adjusted by considering a 7-foot sofa.
  • The cost of canvas printing varies according to the size of the canvas and the type of frame options.
  • Color options include Original, Sepia, and Greyscale.
  • After that, choose a type of frame like a black frame, a brown frame, or a stretched canvas print option from the choose frame option.
  • If the customer requires any digital correction on the photo, he or she can select the digital correction option.

 3 options

  • Minor retouching
  • Red-eye removal
  • Date stamp removal
  • Dust/Scratch removal
  • Lighten/Darken Image
  • Enhance colour

Major retouching: Please contact us at

The user can then save the photograph or image. 

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