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7 horse canvas print

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Paintings in the home or office are important in Vastu, the ancient Indian system of architecture and design. Vastu is based on the idea that everything in the world is connected and that there is a flow of energy that can be used to make our surroundings more peaceful and harmonious. Vastu says that the placement and choice of paintings can have a big effect on the flow of energy in a room and can be used to create a happy and peaceful atmosphere.

One of the most important Vastu principles is the importance of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air, and space. Each of these things is linked to a different direction, and it is thought that each direction affects different parts of life. People think that the north, which is linked to water, has a lot to do with wealth and prosperity because of this. Vastu practitioners think that by choosing paintings that show water or have something to do with the north direction, they can increase the flow of good energy in that direction and make things better for themselves.

Vastu, on the other hand, recognises the importance of colour in creating a harmonious environment. Each colour represents a different emotion or aspect of life, and selecting paintings that feature these colours can have a significant impact on the overall energy flow in a room. Red, for example, is thought to stimulate energy and creativity, making it an excellent choice for a home office or workspace. Blue, on the other hand, is thought to promote calm and relaxation, making it an excellent choice for a bedroom or living room.

Vastu recognises the importance of imagery and subject matter in paintings in addition to colour and elements. Paintings depicting nature, such as landscapes or seascapes, are thought to bring positive energy and balance to a room. Paintings with positive and uplifting themes, such as family or love, are also thought to make the environment more peaceful and helpful.

Paintings in the home or office serve more than just aesthetic or decorative purposes; they also play an important role in Vastu, or the energy of the home. As a result, the majority of them believe that it should be done properly and in accordance with Vastu Shastra.

Seven Horses’ Importance

Horses, specifically the seven running horses, are extremely important in Vaastu. 7 running horses represent your company’s success and power, as well as the rate at which it is growing. A seven-horse painting in your home or office promotes advancement and success in your job or business. Because the horse is always associated with speed, a seven-horse painting can be displayed in your office, cabin, or home if you want to speed up your career or business.

Horses were once used as a mode of transportation. A seven-horse painting in your home is thought to ensure financial stability in your life. Send us an email at to order a 7-horse canvas print. Click on the word for printing rates.

Vastu says that paintings can be used to make a home or office a more positive and peaceful place. Homeowners and business owners can improve the energy flow in their space and promote well-being, prosperity, and happiness by selecting paintings that adhere to Vastu principles such as colour, elements, and subject matter.

The 7 horse canvas print is a popular piece of artwork that has significance in the Indian architectural and design system known as Vastu Shastra. The 7 horse canvas print, according to Vastu, represents the energy of movement and progress and is thought to have a positive impact on the energy flow in a room or space.

The concept of positive energy, or “Vaastu Purusha,” is one of the main principles of Vastu. This is the belief that the universe contains an energy force that can be harnessed to create harmony and balance in our environment. The 7-horse canvas print is thought to represent this energy force because horses represent movement and progress. Vastu practitioners believe that by displaying this artwork in a room or space, it can increase the flow of positive energy, promote success, and bring good fortune.

The 7-horse canvas print is also thought to have a strong influence on wealth and prosperity. In Hindu mythology, horses are linked to the sun, which is a sign of wealth and success. It is believed that by displaying the 7 horse canvas print, the energy of the sun can be harnessed to bring prosperity and success to the room or space.

The 7 horse canvas print is aesthetically pleasing as well as symbolic, making it a popular choice for home and office decor. The painting can be used to add colour, texture, and movement to a room, and its vibrant and dynamic imagery can exude energy and positivity.

The 7 horse canvas print is a work of art that has Vastu Shastra significance. Due to its powerful symbols and beautiful design, this painting can be used to improve the flow of energy in a room or space, bring about success and wealth, and create a peaceful and positive atmosphere. The 7 horse canvas print is a great choice for home and office decor, whether you are a Vastu practitioner or simply appreciate the beauty of this artwork.

In prehistoric times, horses were painted on the walls of caves, which is where the first depictions of horses in art can be found. People continue to be amazed and moved by paintings of horses because of how graceful, strong, and beautiful they are. The “7 Horses” painting with the sunrise is one example of a picture that has become more well-known over time. This painting shows seven horses racing against a beautiful sunrise. We are going to talk about the advantages of either owning this painting or admiring it.

The painting of seven horses carries with it a wealth of symbolism, including power, strength, and grace. It is said that if you own this painting, you will be blessed with a prosperous life full of success, good fortune, and abundance. In many different cultures, the number seven has a great deal of significance, and it is often interpreted as a symbol of completion, perfection, and divine knowledge. So, this painting is not only a piece of art, but it can also be seen as a metaphor for happiness and success.

As a source of motivation, consider the agility, speed, and endurance that horses are famous for. The sight of horses roaming free can make us feel free and give us the drive to keep going until we reach our goals.The painting of the sunrise adds to our motivation by reminding us that each new day is a chance to start over and work toward our goals.The brilliant hues of the sunrise have the power to both lift our spirits and energise us for the day that lies ahead.

Appeal to the senses: The Seven Horse Painting with Sunrise is a magnificent piece of artwork that has the potential to boost the attractiveness of any room in the house. The vibrant and striking colors of the painting can give any room a splash of color and a sense of depth, transforming it into a visually arresting focal point. The painting demonstrates the artist’s skill and attention to detail through its many minute details, such as the muscles, manes, and tails of the horses depicted in the painting.

Horse paintings, in general, have been shown to have a calming effect on people, so viewing one may help you relax. The sight of horses exercising can bring about feelings of calm and serenity in some people. By looking at the painting of the seven horses at sunrise, you can be taken to a peaceful place far from the noise and stress of everyday life. This can help you calm down and relax.

Starter for conversation: the painting of seven horses against a sunrise is an excellent conversation starter. People who come to your home or place of business will be drawn in by its beauty and depth of symbolism. It could also lead to deep conversations about art, culture, and the spiritual world.It is also a great way to meet new people who have a similar passion for horses or who value the aesthetic value of the natural world.

According to Feng Shui, horses are lucky animals that bring luck and success to the people who own them.

People usually think that the seven horses in the painting represent the power of the sun, which gives life and energy.The painting also features a sunrise. Activating the energy of prosperity, abundance, and good fortune in your home or place of business by hanging this painting in the south or southeast corner of the room is recommended.

The Seven Horses Painting with Sunrise is more than just a piece of artwork; it is also a metaphor for positivity, inspiration, and the aesthetic value of beauty. Whether you choose to buy this painting or simply admire it, it has the potential to bring happiness, motivation, and relaxation into your life. Even if you don’t like art, this painting is worth having in your home because of how it looks and what it means. 

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