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How to use picture frames in interior Design

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We’ve all seen paintings used to decorate our homes. They are essential when it comes to decorating an interior space.

There are two kinds of frames. The first are photographs taken with a camera, and the second is hand-drawn sketches or paintings. A canvas picture frame has two major components: the frame itself and the subject of the picture.

When it comes to the subject of the picture, there is a vast majority of nearly infinite subjects to choose from.

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Birds, animals, natural beauty, people, portraits, birds, scenery, architecture, cityscapes, mountains, oceans, and seas, geometric shapes, non-geometric shapes, abstract shapes, strokes, flowers, interiors, vehicles, and much more can be “framed” to create a beautiful picture frame.

When it comes to selecting the exact subject of the picture frame, one must consider the interior space’s surroundings, the location where the picture frame will be displayed, and the quality and dimensions of the wall surface where the picture frame will be displayed. It is never true that the picture will be hung. Small frames on a table can sometimes greatly enhance the vibrancy of a room.

It is critical to remember that we will be using the painting as “filler” on the wall. The empty space on the wall is filled with an interesting array of colours present in the picture. Colours draw the visitor’s attention and create moods in his or her mind.

Let’s look at how a picture frame can influence our moods. Here, I frame four photographs of kittens for picture frames to hang on an empty wall in my bedroom. I place these frames so that they are visible when I enter the bedroom. Real-life photos of kittens immediately evoke soothing and compassionate feelings in me, which correspond to how I feel in my bedroom while sleeping on my bed.

On the other hand, if I used a photo of the “Ford Mustang,” my feelings would be more alert due to the previous memories associated with it. On the other hand, using the Ford Mustang photo in my study room would significantly help to warm the atmosphere.

As a result, subjects that create a calming mindset, such as natural beauty, photos/portraits of children, and so on, can be used in places where human activity is of a low nature, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, and so on.

There is one more factor that can influence the selection of a picture frame for an interior space. When choosing a canvas picture frame, consider the “design theme” of the space. If the theme of the interior design is oriental, a picture with more colour will look good. This is due to the fact that in an oriental design style, more emphasis is placed on “decorative elements” such as drapes, cornices, tiny plaster treatments, window and door frames, brass decorations, and so on.

A more complex subject should be used to enhance the continuity of this theme on the empty wall surface. A photograph of natural scenery is ideal for this because “nature” contains a wide range of colours and shades that can greatly enhance the beauty of the space.

A little creative thinking can help to make the image more interesting. What if, for example, I completely remove the frame that is holding the picture in place and “press” the picture between two glass plates? The glass plates can only be held together with metallic clamps at the four corners. Artificial light in the room will then cast a shadow of the picture on the wall behind it, adding “depth” to the picture’s surface.

Canvas Picture frames that can be changed out are a good place to start. This gives you the ability to evaluate what’s good and impressive in your room. This article is just a starting point to get your imagination going. I hope it was useful to you and that you enjoyed the text.

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