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How to showcase your Products in the Exhibition using Standees

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Exhibitions are an excellent way to introduce your products to prospective customers and clients. Standees are a popular and effective way to showcase your products at a trade show. Here are some ideas for using stands to showcase your products:

Choose the Right Standee: Standees come in a variety of styles, including retractable, X-frame, L-frame, and telescopic. Consider the size and weight of your product, as well as the amount of space available at the trade show, when selecting the type of standee.

Create an Eye-Catching Graphic: Your standee’s graphic should be both eye-catching and informative. Include a logo for your company, product images, and a brief description of your product or service. Make sure the text is legible and the images are of high quality.

Strategically place your standees: Locate your standees in high-traffic areas of the exhibition, such as near the entrance, main stage, or food and beverage area. Check that they are visible from all angles and are not obscured by other displays or people. Lighting can be used to draw attention to your booth and highlight your products. To create a dramatic effect, consider using spotlights or backlighting.

Incorporate interactive elements. Touchscreens, tablets, and product demos are all examples of interactive elements that can pique the interest of potential customers and allow them to try out your product for themselves.

Staff Your Booth: Make sure you have knowledgeable staff available to answer questions and provide product information. They can also attract potential customers and direct them to where they can view the products.

Colour can be used to make a visual impact and draw attention to your standee. Colours that are consistent with your branding and complement the colours of your products should be used.

Keep it Simple: Don’t stuff your standee with too much information or too many images. Maintain a simple and focused design that highlights your key products and message.

Include Branding: Include your brandings in your standee design, such as your logo, colours, and other visual elements that represent your brand.

Be Creative: Standees offer numerous opportunities for you to showcase your products in a unique and memorable way. Consider incorporating 3D elements, custom shapes, or one-of-a-kind materials to set your standee apart from the crowd.

Consider Height: Because standees vary in height, keep this in mind when designing your product display. A taller standee can help to make a larger visual impact and attract more attention to your products.

If you are a commercial marketer and have just entered the world of trading, you probably need some basic marketing tricks.

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How to showcase your products in the exhibition using standees

To display your product, you need to have a product, of course. Whatever your product is, you need a specification for it. The one that has all the details

It will help you gain traction in the market. You have to wisely determine your target audience, plan your distributions, and much more.

Reasons to prefer a standee:


Standee printing is useful for promoting a product at an event. It is appealing to observers due to its creative appearance, colourful illustration, and large font. A standee at an exhibition should have all the details customers need. The company’s name is in bold and contains important information.


Standees are widely known for their marketing concerns and different sizes. 2×5 ft., 2.5×6 ft., and 3×6 ft. are the most usual sizes used by companies. 2.5 feet by 6 feet will be the standard size.


because of its lighter weight and ease of rolling up in a bag. It makes transferability easy for marketers. This also seeks convenience. Exhibition stands have more mobility to travel.


To attract someone, you have to distract them first. People are easily swayed by something that is either deflected or presented to them. Most of the time, Standee stands beside places where people pass by. They grab attention.


Standee printing is easily done by printers in large format. Even in emergency situations, standing could be an easy task for putting up a tent.


Events are all ongoing processes. All the equipment used once can be used again. Make sure to design the layout so that it prominently highlights the company’s name and the details that fall under address, contact, etc.

The placement of a standee

Too many expenses for a standee in an exhibition but failed to place it in the right position. Exhibition stands require the most knowledge of how to use them cleverly.

  • A proper placement brings more visibility.
  • It becomes more attentive.
  • at an entrance or beside a gate.
  • Choose a location where people travel the most.
  • Your banner should play like a map guide.
  • near a reception desk

How to design an appealing standee

  • Your logo is your identity. Keep it visible to the audience.
  • Keep your resolution at 300 dots per inch. Using a high-quality image is one reason why people are inclined towards clarity.
  • Design the layout with friendly colours and fonts. Colour is important because it represents your brand.
  • Bring something creative.

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